We are sorry to inform you that the Undina Spa facility is temporarily NOT available due to Damages of Typhoon Rai.

Undina Spa

“Revitalize through healing power of water.”

Shine with your beauty from inside by getting hydrated through both human hands and natural power. Undina[undena] is the Latin word for water nymph, which inspired our spa to provide you with revitalization by healing power of water. You can feel relaxed with the sound of waves, rejuvenated by deep massage or treatment of your body and skin, satisfied with high quality cosmetics and Filipino hospitality. You will get immaculate comfort as if embraced by Mother Nature.

Experience the Filipino traditional massage ‘Hilot’at our floating cottage ‘Lutaw’ [lutao], or total treatment from your head down to your toes and dreamy flower bubble bath at the private villa ‘Sapa’ [sapa]? As you like it! Our spa menu will bring you deep revitalization of body and mind.

Flower bath


Natural way

Warm hands



We are sorry to inform you that the Undina Spa facility is temporarily NOT available due to Damages of Typhoon Rai.

as what we can offer here

Pampering you with total rejuvenation are all organic preparations from homemade coconut oil to highly selected massage products. Truly natural, truly special.

Room Service or serve at Beach Lanai Promo Menu

■ Aroma Oil Massage ( 60min session ) Php1,647.0
Aromatherapy helps relieve tension, rejuvenates and detoxifies the body.
Its certain scent relaxes the mind and the body.
■ Naandan Massage ( 60min session ) Php1,647.0
A combination of shiatsu improvised with native and traditional therapeutic dry massage. It stimulates the blood circulation.
■ Combination Massage ( 60min session ) Php1,647.0
It provides a better range of motion and promotes relaxation. An optional aromatherapy or helpful balm is also offers to stimulate healing.
■ Foot Massage ( 30min session ) Php823.5
It is a physical act of applying pressure into the foot using a refreshing foot moisturizer. The massage will soothe from the sole to below the knee that will get rid of your fatigue and prevent swelling of legs.
■ Head Massage ( 30min session ) Php823.5
Recommended for insomnia, chronic headache, migraine and sinusitis. It will help to ease tension, relieve pain to relax and revitalize the body.
■ Masahe Lutaw Package ( 1hr30min session ) Php2,470.5
Masahe is a Visayan word which means massage. This is one of the most popular packages.
(A) full body massage plus head massage
(B) full body massage plus foot massage

Spa Information

■ Above rates are 50% DISCOUNTED from the published rates and include 12% government tax and 10% service charge.
■ Some of the original amenity set-up are not available.
■ Intake of alcoholic drink is not advisable 2 hours before your reservation.
■ Smoking inside the spa is strictly prohibited.
■ Keep safe of your valuable items at your own convenience.

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