Undina Spa

“Revitalize through healing power of water.”

Shine with your beauty from inside by getting hydrated by both human hands and nature.

Undina [undena] is the Latin word for water nymph, which inspired our spa to provide you with revitalization through the healing power of water.

Your body and soul will unwind in the living music of nature, rejuvenated by massage or skin polish & wraps, satisfied with cosmetics made of tropical products fresh from our own Organic Farm and Filipino hospitality.
You will get immaculate comfort as if embraced by Mother Nature.

Enjoy deep relaxation with our massage.



Warm hands


■ Hilot Massage; Traditional Filipino Massage
(1hr30min session) Php3,660/pax

An ancient Filipino art of healing. This comes with a deep tissue massage that will promote muscle relaxation. A special touch of warm hands is an essential requirement of Hilot. Pulchra Hilot massage improves metabolism with the use of banana strips and native virgin coconut oil that will give a complete relaxation.

■ Ayurveda Massage “Abhyanga”
(1hr30min session) Php3,660/Pax

A traditional system of Indian medicine that was developed more than 5,000 years ago. Warm Ayurvada oils corresponding to three types of individual Dosha, “Vata”, “Pitta” and “Kapha“ are used in a full body massage, resulting in balanced, purified condition of the body and mind.

■ Hampol Herbal Healer
(1hr30min session) Php3,660/Pax
In this menu, we apply Hampol, a warm compress with many different local herbs like “luy-a”, “kayumanis”, “tanglad” “hirbabuyna” “lubi”, and Hilot massage with virgin coconut oil will follow. The combination of the herbs infused in the compress ball improves blood circulation, relieves headaches, insomnia, arthritis and dysmenorrhea.

■ Aroma Oil Massage
(60min session) Php2,440/Pax
Aromatherapy aims at promoting relaxation and refreshment for both our mind and body with the help of essential oils. This massage helps relieve tension, rejuvenaties and detoxifies the body, improves mood.

■ Naandan Massage
(60min session) Php2,196 /Pax

Therapeutic dry massage with a combination of Shiatsu and traditional native massage. It involves stretching actions to relieve chronic fatigue and stimulate blood circulation.

■ Foot Massage
(45min session) Php1,830/Pax
It applies pressure to the nerves in the foot using a refreshing foot moisturizer. The massage will treat from the sole to the calf that will get rid of your fatigue and prevent swelling of legs.

■ Head Massage
(45min session) Php1,830/Pax
Recommended for insomnia, chronic headache, migraine and sinusitis. It will help ease tension, relieve pain, relax and revitalize the body.

■ Ayurveda Hot Oil Healing
(60min session) Php3,050 /pax
A dry head massage is rendered to promote blood circulation. Applied hot oil for your appropriate hair & scalp condition for oily, dry hair, dandruff or falling hair. Depending on the condition, this has a higher effect in healing stress for relaxation.

■ Cucumber Cooling Body Wrap
(60min session) Php2,440/pax
The paring of organic, fresh-from-our-farm cucumber and honey will soothe and moisturize your skin. This body wrapping menu is recommendable if you have dry skin, especially good after sunburn.

■ Papaya Body Scrub
(60min session) Php2,440/pax
Enjoy natural power of papaya from our organic farm! The papain enzyme in papaya has mild skin softening and anti-pigmentation properties. It is a scrub highly effective for making your skin bright and smooth.

Rates quoted are inclusive 12% government tax and 10% service charge.

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