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Pulchra is a showcase of exclusive spaces. A paradise for the fortunate few. Feel at home in our private and romantic Seafront Jacuzzi Villa, comfortable and lulling Pool Garden Villa, relaxing Pool Lagoon Suite, tastefully designed Lagoon Suite and our grand Two-Bedroom Pool Villa. Every suite is luxuriously equipped with modern amenities blended with unique Filipino simplicity. Spend your vacation as you please in the midst of green and water away from the everyday bustle.

Feel the aura as you bathe under the tropical sun, the blessings of nature that capture the soul of Provence, calming and soothing the senses. We offer L’OCCITANE as Pulchra Room Amenities. Take in the pleasure to enjoy the finest hospitality, the resort life of luxury.

*Please be noted that room amenities from another brand will be offered on promotional/day use room rates.

Enjoy the priceless COMFORT

L’OCCITANE as Room Amenities

*Not applicable on promotional/day use room rates

Enjoy unparalleled LUXURIOUS pampering


Seafront Jacuzzi Villa

Price is good for 2 persons inclusive of breakfast, government tax, service charge.
1 Bedroom  / 1 Living room / 1 Garden view bath / 1 Shower Room / Toilet / Veranda / Individual swimming pool with lights & private jacuzzi / Dining table & chairs / Lanai

Pool Garden Villa

Price is good for 2 persons inclusive of breakfast, government tax and service charge.
1 Bedroom / 1 Living room / 1 Garden jacuzzi bath / 1 Shower Room / 1 Toilet / Veranda / Individual swimming pool with lights / Dining table & Chairs / Lanai

Two Bed Room Pool Villa

Price is good for 4 persons inclusive of breakfast, government tax and service charge.
2 Bedrooms / 1 Living room / 2 Jacuzzi bath / 2 Shower Rooms / 2 Toilets / Veranda / Individual swimming pool with lights / Dining table & chairs / Lanai

Pool Lagoon Suite

Price is good for 2 persons inclusive of breakfast, government tax and service charge. 
1 Bedroom / 1 Living room / 1 Bathroom with Shower & Toilet / Veranda / Private plunge pool

  • Published Rates Privilege

    • 45min Body Massage for Seafront Jacuzzi Villa and Pool Garden Villa (adult) occupant only
    • One(1) time 45min Body Massage for Two Bedroom Pool Villa (adult) occupant of 3 nigths and above booking only
    • Kid’s Break Fast
    • Round Trip Land Transfer i s applicable for 3 nights & above only
    • One Bottle of Italian Sparkling Wine
    • Undina Spa 20% Discount
    • One time Inhouse Activity
    • One time Resort’s Life Tour
    • Stay at Pulchra for a minimum of 6 nights, and get a complimentary dinner at our specialty dining restaurant Opus.
  • Amenities

    • Remote-controlled Airconditioning Unit
    • Safety Deposit Box
    • Bose SoundDock
    • Mini Refrigerator
    • Electric Kettle with Coffee and Tea Set
    • Mini Bar
    • Telephone
    • Hair Dryer
    • Bathrobe
    • Slipper
    • Natural Insect Repellent
    • Bathroom Care Products
    • Hygienic Care Products
    • Bath Salt
    • Welcome Fruit
    • Good Night Sweets
    • Bottle of One litter of Mineral Water per person per day
  • Maximun Capacity

    • Seafront Jacuzzi Villa – Maximum capacity of three (3) adults with one (1) extra person charge at USD200
    • Pool Garden Villa – Maximum capacity of three (3) adults with one (1) extra person charge at USD195
    • Two Bedroom  Pool Villa – Maximum capacity of six (6) adults with two (2) extra person charge at USD145 per person.
    • Pool Lagoon Suite – Maximum capacity of three (3) adults with one (1) extra person charge at USD110
    • Lagoon Suite – Maximum capacity of three (3) adults with  one (1) extra person charge USD110
    • No charge up to two (2) children, aged 12 years old or below traveling with parents and staying in the same room at Seafront Jacuzzi Villa, Pool Garden Villa, Pool Lagoon Suite and Lagoon Suite. A maximum of four(4) children at Two Bedroom Pool Villa category. We will no longer accommodate extra person once the room accommodation has children occupant and exceed the maximum capacity per suites/Villa.
  • For Reservation

    Confirmation of room reservation is based on room availability. Reservation form and confirmation will be sent through e-mail or fax. To guarantee your booking we will require ~ Credit card number (Visa or Master, Diners, Amex or JCB) or one hundred percent (100%) payment of the total room charges for the entire length of stay will be requested at least fourteen (14) days prior to the check in date.

  • In Case of Cancellation

    • Thirty percent (30%) will be charged if cancellation is made thirty one days (31) prior to the check in date.
    • Fifty percent (50%) will be charged if cancellation is made ten days (10) prior to the check in date.
    • Eighty percent (80%) will be charged if cancellation is made three days (3) prior to the check in date.
    • No Show ~ one hundred percent (100%) will be charged if the cancellation is made on the day of arrival or shortening of stay.
  • Regulations on Accommodation

    1. Non- registered person is not allowed to stay. Minor cannot stay without guardian.
    2. Presentation of valid ID/passport is required for proper identification.
    3. Guarantee payment is deemed required when necessary.
    4. No Tipping
    5. Guest’s visitor is not allowed to enter without reservation and confirmation. Guest’s visitor can stay only until 9pm at the restaurants or lobby.
    6. Changes or modification of the period of stay shall be informed in advance. Room availability shall be checked for extension of stay and cancellation charges shall apply for shortening of stay.
    7. Settlement of bills earlier prior to check-out time is greatly appreciated.
    8. Do not bring the followings inside the resort: a.Explosives, flammable materials b.Firearms, swords, or other dangerous weapons c.Illegal drugs d.Pets except for guide dog/seeing eye dog e.Smelly Item (example: Durian, Marang, Jackfruit)
    9. Smoking is only allowed at designated.
    10. Minors are forbidden to smoke & drink alcohol.
    11. Use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.
    12. Gambling is strictly prohibited.
    13. Engaging in indecent behavior is strictly prohibited.
    14. Please follow the regulations of pool/private beach.
    15. Do not enter restricted or private areas.
    16. Do not stay near the trees for possible falling branch/fruits caused by air resistance.
    17. Disturbance of guest privacy is strictly prohibited such as photo and video taking, noise and loud conversation.
    18. No fishing No feeding
    19. Transferring from original location of room facilities and amenities is not allowed. Bringing outside of resort belongings and properties is strictly prohibited.
    20. No bringing of food and drinks from outside.
    21. No re-heating of food and cooking within the resort.
    22. Do not leave any cash and other valuable items in the room. The Management is not liable for any report on losses. Safety deposit boxes are conveniently provided in every room and at the front office.
    23. The resort reserves the right to dispose any items left behind or unclaimed in accordance with the resort’s regulations.
    24. Accidents or incidents happened outside the resort due to personal itinerary is out of the Management’s liability.
    25. Car park is available. We encourage “Engine Off”. Any car loss or damages is out of the Management’s responsibility.
    26. The resort reserves the right to refuse the accommodation of persons, who violated any of the above regulations.
  • Pool & Beach Guidelines & Regulations


    1. Pool is intended for registered guest only.
    2. Pool is open daily from 0600H until 2000H.
    3. Lifeguards are available daily from 0600H until 2000H.
    4. Refrain from swimming without the presence of lifeguard.
    5. Take shower prior using the pool and swimming attire is required.
    6. Persons who are suffering from skin diseases are restricted to use the pool.
    7. Do not swim if you have body painting which contains substance such as oil that may cause contamination of the water.
    8. Avoid rough playing at the pool and running around the edges of the pool deck.
    9. Do not run on the breakwaters and the pier. And please wear shoes.
    10. Persons with disabilities are required to be accompanied by guardians ages 18 and above.
    11. Diapers must be removed prior swimming.
    12. Diving, jumping, shoulder cars, lifting, pushing and any other acrobatic acts are strictly prohibited.
    13. Screaming or yelling as well as music players are not allowed except those with earphone and during fitness program ~ Aquabics.
    14. Nudity is strictly prohibited.
    15. Do not bring any kind of towels when getting into the pool.
    16. Eating and drinking is not allowed during swimming.
    17. Guest privacy is a must. Taking photos is allowed, however, if it causes inconvenience with other guests, you are requested to refrain from photo shooting.
    18. Lifeguard is empowered to enforce these regulations and instructions as administered by the Management.
    19. The Resort will not assume any responsibility or liability in respect to losses, accidents or claims due to the neglect of the Pool Guidelines.


    1. Beach is open from 0600H-1800H daily.
    2. Please refrain from swimming without the presence of the lifeguard.
    3. Always wear boots before swimming or walking at the beach area. (Boots is available at the main pool counter area for free usage.)
    4. Only swim when the flag indicates that it is safe to do so.
    5. NO Fishing and NO Fish Feeding.
    6. Do not touch, do not step on any marine specie. 
    7. Blue floating flags indicate “Protected Area” to support growth of corals. 
    8. Do not touch the post under the pier kiosk.
    9. Avoid running on the wall breaker.

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