• プルクラ全景

    Feel the harmony of nature

  • As another day unfolds…

  • Tranquil reflections in a heaven of serenity.

  • Time floats on a sea of dreams,

  • And time is the gift

  • that life presents to you.

  • You deserve it.

  • Rest amidst the profusion of colors.

  • Feel the silence of peace in a piece of heaven.

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PROMOTION on May 15 to July 15, 2024

Enjoy the traditional Filipino body treatment for FREE!
When you make a direct booking, you have one time HILOT massage every 3 nights stay, in addition to existing privileges.
Feel restored and refreshed by the magical hands and organic coconut oil of Pulchra origin in the 90 minutes session.
You deserve Indulging in luxurious and relaxing Pulchra wellness experiences!

You deserve it. Rest amidst the profusion of colors.

Our landscape, villas, and facilities were designed keeping in mind the balance of nature, because we believe that man was created to take care of nature, and not to rule over it. In Pulchra you can see birds flying around freely, butterflies fluttering about and marine creatures swimming without much worry in our house reef, for they know that they have found their home here. We care not only for nature but our guests’ well-being too. We make sure we give our guests the best there is to offer. Our restaurants will surely delight your dining experience as we have a great variety of healthy and tasty menu, complimented with our signature drinks and finest selection of wine. Our activities also vary from marine, land, wellness and for kids as well.

From the time the sun rises, even after the sun sets, you’ll never ran out of things to do. But most of all, what sets us apart from all the others is the kind of service that we render to our guests, one that is from the heart; the kind of service that will always want you to come back to Pulchra..

Our Logo

Cebu Hanging Parrot

Pulchra Story on April 14, 2017
For quite some time we wondered if we would ever get to see you again. And so here you are… you surprised us once again just when we least expect it. Your distinct chirping and colorful feathers, what a sight you truly are!

Here’s a trivia:
The Cebu hanging parrot is a subspecies of the Philippine hanging parrot found only on the island of Cebu, Philippines. This subspecies was generally believed to be extinct until an expedition led by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (Cebu) claimed to have seen and captured a tiny bird in thick foliage in the remote part of central Cebu.

The Pulchra logo is an emblem of the figurative parrot for this signifies our concern for nature protection and preservation, that if we will not do our share, all of the creatures that nature offers will be lost forever.

Pulchra Story

When an actual encounter with a mother sea turtle happened at Pulchra’s beach. A Hawksbill sea turtle laid its eggs and after a while, it went back to the sea. Pulchra marked the area and protected the nesting ground. And much to our surprise, it was actually the second time that it laid eggs, as there were two occasions when hatchlings were found. First was on January 19, 2012 and the second was on March 12, 2012. Pulchra was recognized by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment for its effort in protecting marine life, and it was declared as the first time that a sea turtle laid eggs in Cebu. Sea turtles are endangered species and its visit sent a clear message to Pulchra ~ to protect and preserve the environment, especially at this time when the effects of climate change is felt all over the world.With this, Pulchra re-affirms its commitment to be more responsible in its actions to lessen the negative impact to the environment. Aimed at raising environmental awareness among its staff, guests, and neighboring communities, an environmental program was conceptualized Pulchra F.U.N. and was born.



  • We believe we are an integral part of Pulchra in identity and existence.
  • We will be keen in observing and responding clients’ needs and concerns.
  • We will provide the best unforgettable personalized service and quality facilities.
  • We will be humble, honest and accountable in all of our words, actions and inactions.
  • We will act with a sense of teamwork and responsibility, respect and be respected, trust and be trusted.
  • We will be innovative in creating ideas and insights and enhance our knowledge to the best of our performances.
  • We will do ourpart in the realization of the laid-out goals and plans.
  • We will maximize our skills as a source of our strength, be adaptable to change, and pursue our full potential with a positive attitude.
  • We will take care of our health and well-being, groom our innate personal beauty and exercise our appropriate service behavior.
  • We will keep the privacy of clients and co-employee, as well as confidentiality.
  • We will protect the security of the company’s property and assets and ensure a safety working environment.
  • We will demonstrate environmental care that will inspire the lives of each individual because Pulchra Cares.

Resort Life


Villa & Suite

Pulchra is a showcase of exclusive spaces. A paradise for the fortunate few. Feel at home in our private and romantic Seafront Jacuzzi Villa, comfortable Pool Garden Villa, relaxing Pool Lagoon Suite, the tastefully designed Lagoon Suite and our grand Two-Bedroom Pool Villa. Every suite is luxuriously equipped with modern amenities blended with unique Filipino concepts.

Floating Restaurant


Farming our own ingredients guarantees that the food is safe, fresh and healthy. All of the earth’s produce for a farm-to-table cycle right at your very dish; these and all sourced in our Papiliones Organic Farm. The undying genuine Filipino hospitality gives your dining experience an unforgettable memory from a promising morning until a romantic nightfall. So… bon appétit!

Have a Wonderful Time


Be healed by nature…Rejuvenate your life in paradise. We believe that while we enjoy observing marine life, we should be more considerate to them and more responsible in protecting their environment. So let’s enjoy simple and marine-life-friendly activities at our private beach & house reef, a small but wonderful paradise! You will encounter many lovely creatures there and be impressed by natural beauty.


Enjoy our activities featuring ‘to be natural’, ‘to be healthy’ and ‘to be simple’. Because Pulchra respects Mother Nature, we treat her as such and try to learn to be humble and generous from her. We offer you activities which will let you feel part of nature, and at the same time feel holistically refreshed. Just walking around will do you good, and when you do, drop by at our organic farm, where you can see many butterflies dancing and birds singing.


Your body and soul will feel relaxed in the living music of nature, rejuvenated by massage or skin treatment, satisfied with high quality cosmetics and Filipino hospitality. You will get immaculate comfort as if embraced by Mother Nature.


Celebrate the most significant event of your life in a heavenly tropical paradise. A stunning view of the blue ocean, sound of waves and sea breeze create a magical, romantic experience. And you will see each other’s eyes and swear eternal love…


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