“Be healed by nature…Rejuvenate in paradise.”

Somehow we are rehabilitated by just touching water or listening to the sound of waves. It is probably because water is the origin and source of life. So be yourself in the sea and become one with nature through our simple, marine-friendly activities.

Pulchra believes that while we enjoy experiencing marine life, we should be more responsible and careful in protecting the marine environment. We offer you activities which will not disturb the marine life in our private beach, our small paradise, such as snorkeling, diving, SUP, and sea kayak. We appreciate your understanding that activities which run engine or fishing are not allowed here. Thank you very much.

Giant Trevally


Marine blue

Black fin barracuda


Sea turtle

Hiltungan Marine Sanctuary

The Hilutungan – A marine sanctuary best place for snorkeling and diving located in Olango Atoll. It is also known as the oldest marine life protected area in the province of Cebu. You can encounter schools of Jacks and Batfishes, a grouper called locally ‘Lapu Lapu’, and various colorful tropical species in this marine paradise!

We can arrange Nalusuan Island Marine Sanctuary for boat diving also. Feel free to contact us.

Snorkeling Php5,490. Scuba Diving (2dives) Php7,198 per person; Inclusive of government tax, service charge,lunch, drinks, snorkeling set, diving gear (for fun diving), and boat with crew and guide or instructor fee

Duration of activity: approximately 6 hours
Departure time : 8AM

Sea Turtle Watching

Wanting to fulfill a heart-warming experience and a life-changing adventure?
Argao, Cebu beckons!
From an hour and a half drive along the idyllic country road, you will be welcomed by the sea flourishing with life highlighted by sea turtles languishing in the crisp blue waters.

With a minimum rate of Php4,636nett per person; inclusive of government tax, service charge, transportation, equipment, guide, snacks & drinks and public facility charges (washroom and water shower), an unforgettable experience awaits!

Duration of activity: approximately 6 hours
Departure time: 8AM

*Please note that you are not guaranteed to watch  sea turtles because they are wild creatures, though the chance of encountering them is very high. Thank you for your understanding.

Taiken Diving

Add Php2,440 per person to original trip charge, inclusive of snorkeling set, diving gear, instructor fee. 2nd dive Php1,220 as additional.
Seek ADVENTURE in an underwater wonderland. Recommended for those unfamiliar with swimming or who are thinking of giving it a try before taking the license of Scuba Diving. Your five senses will be stimulated by the new experience of the sunlight, sound, colors and ,above all, beautiful marine creatures totally different from your usual surroundings.

*Taiken/Introduction Diving at main pool is Free of Charge.
Now is your chance to try an introductory diving! Our Marine Staff will give you a complementary lesson at the main pool.

House-Reef Diving

Pulchra’s Aurora Dive Shop is finally offering a fun dive to our house reef .
You can observe many rare and macro creatures here where the reef is shallow and the bottom is muddy. The Blue Ribbon Goby, which is usually found in deep muddy slopes, can be seen at only 4 – 5 meter depth. We were really surprised that these creatures are staying in our house reef. We take pride that they chose Pulchra’s shallow waters as their home, which is why we used the goby as the motif of our dive shop’s logo. Other interesting creatures that can be seen here are the Robust Ribbon Goby, Blue Spot Shrimp Goby, Flagfin Prawn Goby, Singapore Prawn Goby, Dragon Sea Moth, Magnificent Anemone Shrimp, and Fingered Dragonet among others. Diving here is recommended only for licensed drivers with Open Water Course certification or higher. The house reef is shallow with visibility of 2-5 meters only and the reef bottom is muddy, thus neutral buoyancy is a must. Dive Pulchra’s house reef and get a chance to explore our young underwater paradise! This activity is available depending on sea condition. Our Marine Staff will check it the day before and inform you of the schedule.

Php1,220 per person ~ (price is inclusive of government tax and service charge and diving gear & guide fee)

Swim with the Fish

Pulchra House-Reef
Explore the beachfront and slide onto the seawater to feel the wonders of underwater world. Put on a snorkel, take a plunge and savor the pleasure of interacting with a variety of magnificent sea creatures! Drift above a Sardine ‘Run’ and observe a Silver Batfish as it glides beautifully along the corals. Swim with the fish and discover the adventure Pulchra’s House Reef can offer. Enjoy Green exercise; let’s explore by Sea Kayak, feel the sea breeze and the underwater life while paddling. You can observe the marine world underwater using our transparent kayak and you will be impressed when you encounter sea creatures.

“Swim with the Fish” 6:30-7:30 Free of Charge
Early morning snorkeling tour, experience in the morning calm water.


  • Minimum of 2 adults for reservation.
  • Cut off for reservation is until 5:00 p.m. only.
  • Island Snorkeling, Taiken Diving & Fun Diving are available daily subject to weather condition.
  • December to March, northeast monsoon. April to June is usually dry with warm days and little wind. July to November is the southwest monsoon.
  • Average high temperature 30°C to 33°C Average lowest temperature 24°C to 26°C Seawater temperature 26°C to 30°C
  • We recommend wearing of long-sleeve rush guards, synthetic fiber Torenka and Leggings during snorkeling. It is effective  prevention from sunburn and jellyfish and plankton stings.
  • Available full rental equipment for snorkeling and scuba diving. Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Life jacket, Wet suit, BCD, Regulator, Tank & weight
  • Cancellation;there is a cancellation charge of 50% if you cancel after 10pm the prior day. 100% fee will be charged in case of the cancellation on the day or no-show.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • You are required to follow the guidelines for safe scuba diving.
  • You will be asked to fill up the Medical statement / Medical questionnaire prior to your diving. If you answer yes to any of them, then you will need to get a clearance from a Doctor depending on the question.
  • All dives we offer are no decompression diving to secure a margin of safety.
  • Participants of scuba diving  & Taiken diving (intro scuba diving) who are over 60 years old are required to present their health certificate prior to reservation.

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