Forget about time as you indulge yourself with authentic cuisines and signature drinks that will give your five senses to its fullest satisfaction. A combination of flavors which makes you appreciate the bounty of the green gardens, showered by the rain and glittered by the sun. Farming our own ingredients guarantees that the food is safe, fresh and healthy. All of the earth’s produce for a farm to table cycle right at your very dish; these and all sourced in our organic farm. The undying genuine Filipino hospitality gives your dining experience an unforgettable memory from a promising morning until a romantic nightfall.Your stay in Pulchra will truly give you a quality of taste that nourishes your physical being and gives you a connection that is one with nature. So… bon appétit!

Then and now, Pulchra believes that respecting and caring for Mother Nature is a clear path that never leads us wrong. We manage our waste, making it as close to zero as possible. We create our own healthy soil by digging our own compost. We grow our own garden with vegetables and fruits free from chemicals and pesticides. We build an environment where all living creatures can live and diversify. Truly, a must place to visit only in Pulchra Organic Farm, then you will realize that there is still a space where you can hum…. “what a wonderful world”.

Organic savory indulgence

Original significant cocktails

Great day starts with a good morning

Feel its classy ambience

Delectable dining by the coast

Explore chef’s speciality in a variety of flavors

Fresh from organic farm

Perfectly match the tropical climate.

Stars on moonlight night

  Pulchra Special Dining “BEACH DELIGHT”

Candle Light Dinner

Start the dinner in the lingering evening glow. Surrounded by candle lights, enjoy our special course dinner under the glittering stars. Once in a while listen to the soothing sound of waves and gaze up at the endless sky. You will gape in awe at the beauty of the heavens at night.

Private BBQ Dinner

Savor the taste of freshly grilled BBQ and delectable Filipino food at the beach lanai. Feel the cool sea breeze and the soothing sound of waves. Be caught up in a timeless and relaxing atmosphere. You can also choose ‘STARLIGHT DINNER’, which is a set dinner of exotic South-eastern Asian dishes.

Breakfast in the Morning SUN Shower

Great day starts with a good morning! Revel in the lingering beauty of the sunrise, an inviting view of the sea while partaking a sumptuous and healthy breakfast at our beach lanai.



Pulchra’s open dining space also known as the “floating restaurant”. Here, you will have a taste of Chefs’ creative dishes made with safe and so good produces from Pulchra’s organic farm at their legendary best. Savour an exquisite service, hospitality, healthiness and beauty. It is located in an open sea view and graciously surrounded with 1,500 square meters of swimming pool. Ventus offers International cuisine that caters 60 persons in à la carte.
Seating Capacity: 60
Open: 1030H to 2200H


temporarily NOT available

Feed your senses as you indulge at Ripa Restaurant, which offers a magical touch of traditional Asian delights with a relaxing garden view, or experience romantic dining at Al Fresco area. Ripa is adoringly situated in between the main pool and the scenic shoreline. It offers Asian cuisine at night and various breakfast meals in the morning.
Seating Capacity: 40
Open: 0600H to 1030H for breakfast and 1800H to 2200H for dinner


“Explore chef’s specialty”, original and personalized in the secluded serenity. Taste and appreciate the precious power of chef’s masterpiece creations, our seven-course Euro-Asian cuisine. You will feel its classy ambiance and authentic service while enjoying the delicate dinner with recommended wine.
*Please dress up for fine dining; refrain from wearing shorts or thongs.
Seating Capacity: 12; Prior reservation is required.
Open: 1800H to 2200H


temporarily NOT available

Inspired by nature and the Philippine culture, get a taste of Pulchra’s original cocktails with flavorful tropical fruits. Choose also from our selection of wines that perfectly match the tropical climate. Bask in the sun or simply laze around by the pool. Select a drink that suits your mood or the weather, and find special, cherished moments.
Open 24 hours a day.

  Chef’s Recommendations

  • Opus Course Menu

    Crispy wrap with basil pesto and semi dry tomato and ricotta cheese

    Parma ham mousse and yellow mango with organic herb salad
    Chicken consommé with shrimp quenelle

    Pan seared fish fillet with summer vegetable and pumpkin risotto on balsamic reduction
    Grilled beef tenderloin with red wine reduction sauce on purple sweet potato gratin
    Chef’s special

    Coffee or Tea
    Php3,294 (Price is inclusive of government tax and service charge.)
  • Private BBQ Dinner

    Enjoy our BBQ & Filipino food at the beach lanai.

    Deep fried lumpia, Fish kinilaw

    Visayan soup with fish and garden green papaya

    Prawns, Squid, Pork, Chicken and Vegetable

    Choice of Rice
    Plain rice or Garlic Rice or Chinese fried rice

    Platter of tropical fruits or Coconut ice cream with caramelized banana

    Herbal Tea

    Php1,952 (Price is inclusive of government tax and service charge.)

  • Ventus

    • Ajillo (shrimp in garlic oil) Php549
    • Toasted french bread with black olives and capers in garlic flavor Php366
    • Prawns with coconut mayonnaise sauce Php585.6
    • Pulchra salad Php427
    • Cream of pumpkin soup Php341.6
    • Amatriciana spaghetti Php549
    • Curry Delight Php488 ~
    • Grilled chicken thigh with wasabi butter sauce Php610
    • Miso-crusted Fish fillet with mango sauce Php671
    • Roasted beef tenderloin with salted pepper native lemon on season vegetable Php1,159


    • Tablea (native cacao) mousse with homemade dry mango and salted caramel Php317.2
    • Mango sundae (fresh mango & homemade ice cream) Php366

    Above prices are inclusive of government tax and service charge.

  • Ripa

    • Fresh lumpia Vietnam style (2pcs) Php341.6
    • Spring roll with ground pork and shrimp Php341.6
    • Chicken and tofu meat ball soup ginger taste Php341.6
    • Spicy beef salad Thai style Php549
    • Kangkong and seafood salad Php366
    • Grilled fish and tofu cake Thai style with three kind of spices Php512.4
    • Oven roasted fish fillet in banana leaves Php671
    • Pancit buko (noodle with oyster sauce and young coconut) Php463.6
    • Chicken pho (rice noodle in chicken consommé with Asian herbs) Php427


    • Halo-halo supreme Php317.2
    • Mango pudding Php317.2
    • Coconut milk with glutinous rice-flour dumplings Php317.2

    Above prices are inclusive of government tax and service charge.

  • Fons / Drinks

    Pulchra HEALTHY Drinks Php305

    SMOOTHIE Fest Pho305

    Pure bliss; sweet, fruity, earthy, and refreshing. The leads are Saging A and KanKong fresh from our Organic Farm, with Mango and Calamansi complementing the flavor. Rich in Vitamin C, Potassium, and Dietary Fiber. This sumptuous elixir is all you need to be refreshed and stay healthy & beautiful.

    Kan-kong & Mango, Banana
    “Full of vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatories. Besides the wonderful taste of the tropical fruits it also has a lot of nutritional benefits. That will boost your body immunity and promote relaxation.”

    COCO AMRIT (Coconut juice smoothie)
    Amrita is the elixir of life, the drink of the devas/deities in myths of ancient India and other countries. It was considered to be the source of eternal youth and immortality. Enjoy our smoothie made of the fruit from the ’Tree of Life’ and feel rejuvenated.


    NON-ALCOHOLIC Php329.4

    • Kasadya(Happiness)
    • Sidlak sa Adlaw (Sunrise)
    • Flores de Mayo (Flower of May)
    • Lawud (Deep Blue Sea)

    ALCOHOLIC Php353.8

    • Anghel (My Angel)
    • Pinalangga (For the precious one)
    • Salop sa Adlaw (Sunset)
    • Tartanilla (Taxi-Horse)

    Above prices are inclusive of government tax and service charge.

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