“Be natural, healthy, simple. Be yourself in harmony with nature.”

Whether you’re aching for fun and adventure, or simply just want to relax… Listen to your body to see what it needs and experience what we have to offer. Start your new day with Yoga or Tai-Chi in the ray of the rising sun and see breeze. Dance Work Out or Aquabics will let you Move your body to the music to have fun! How about ‘Green Exercise’? Take in moisture and minus ion by walking in the resort where various tropical greens, wild birds and many creatures are thriving. And don’t forget our unique, signature activity ‘Life at the Farm’! Appreciate part of simple and eco-friendly traditional Filipino way of life in the activity:)

*Pulchra believes that respecting and caring for Mother Nature is a clear path that never leads us wrong. We manage our waste, making it as close to zero as possible. We create our own healthy soil by digging our own compost. We grow our own garden with vegetables and fruits free from chemicals and pesticides. We build an environment where all living creatures can live and diversify. Truly, a must place to visit only in Pulchra Organic Farm, then you will realize that there is still a space where you can hum…. “what a wonderful world”.

Life at the Farm


Uklele Lesson



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Life at the Farm

Popularly known in the Philippines as “The Tree of Life,” the Coconut tree has its essential use for all the parts and it is our hope to share to our guests the goodness of the so-called “Tree of Life” which Pulchra has been so blessed to have in abundance. Explore and learn about the beauty and versatility of the Coconut tree. It has touched many lives of the Filipinos, and surely it will also do wonders in your hearts.
Php976 per person (Inclusive of VAT and SC.) Duration of activity is around 1 hour.

Get on “Trisikad” and our staff will welcome you to our Organic Farm.

Coconut Wine
Let’s make the versatile oil popular as super natural food and full of health and beauty benefits.

Coconut Oil
Let’s make the versatile oil popular as super natural food and full of health and beauty benefits.

Basket Weaving
Enjoy this hands-on experience; weave your own basket with young coconut leaves and bring it home as a souvenir.

Coconut Midribs
The coconut midrib, locally known as “tukog” is the thin, hard and slightly flexible strip found in the middle of the coconut leaf. It is popularly known as a material used in making baskets, native plates and brooms.

Coconut Husk Floor Scrubber
The coconut husk is the outer covering of the coconut fruit. The husk can be used as a floor scrubber. Locally known as “lampaso” it is a traditional tool for polishing wooden floors.

Fitness – Body and Mind

Get back the balance of body and mind, Get in harmony with the rhythm of nature, embraced by light and wind, the healing sounds of sea and songs of birds.
Php976 per person/per activity. Duration of activity is around 1 hour.

More than just keeping our body fit, Yoga is a way of healthy and happy lifestyle. It also shows deep appreciation for nature by performing acts that illustrates gratefulness to the source that gives vital energy, which renews the mind, body and spirit. Carrying out “Salutations to the Sun and Moon” is a display of such gratitude to nature and when done regularly, allows you to have control and balance, harmonized condition of the body, mind and spirit.
Yoga lifestyle provides many benefits. You can achieve peace of mind, inspired living, better efficiency at work, character building, harmonious relationship at work and at home and spiritual progress.

Originally designed for self-defense and to promote inner peace and tranquility, Tai chi involves taking control of the mind, breathing and movement to create a calm, natural balance of energy within. Relax and rejuvenate as you slow down and focus on your breath, and the flow of the energy in your body.

Come on! Don’t be shy. Get excited, move your body as our instructor teaches you to the beat and tune of hip-hop, salsa, and reggae. “There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.” said Vicki Baum. Come and get your blood pumping, enjoy a fun and creative way to tone up your body!

Energize your body & mind with our water exercise that promotes relaxation to your body and muscle. Enjoy the movement of your body to the music, which will feel totally different from that on the ground! It is a great way to fight off stress and lighten up your mood;)

KINGS-Kid’s Activity

Enhance your kid’s talents when they indulge from one of our activities. Our experienced Guest Service Coordinators will take care of your kids and will make sure that they will have fun while learning. Make this trip a memory to remember through our K.I.N.G.S. Activities!
Recommended for 4 years old & above, for adults as well
Choose from below. Php976 per kid (Inclusive of 1 glass of chilled juice and materials) Duration of activity is around 1 hour. Cut-off time for reservation is 10:00 PM a day before.

Have fun and enjoy using the colorful yarn with your creativity and making the various birds that are chittering, tweeting and flying freely in Pulchra. Bring the birds with you as you keep your time and memories in embracing nature.

Kids “Kutingtingan”, enjoy the privilege to design something original out of what materials they have, exercising their imagination and exploring wonders in style. Let’s make some souvenir – accessory, magnet or plants hanger- by recycling and be eco-friendly:)

Your kids will experience an exciting time of learning to play the ukulele. With their small fingers strumming, they can certainly enjoy and love this little string Instrument – Ukulele. Why not give it a try yourself? Yes, you will have a lot of fun playing and singing your favorite song!

All the prices above are inclusive of government tax (VAT) and service charge.

Carcar Experience

One of the popular towns here in Cebu, Carcar is situated about 7km south to Pulchra and exhibits wondrous countryside lifestyle and depicts the traditional Filipino home, economic scenery, and culture. You can find history in all you see – from old church, schools and houses. Take advantage of PULCHRA’s Countryside Experience and enjoy an experience worth remembering in the historical town of Carcar. Php1,220 per person

Visit St. Catherine’s Church, Museum, and local market Have fun and go shopping at “Carcar Fiesta Mall”

Hotel Car Service

Explore Cebu through our hotel car services. Play golf, go shopping, and visit historical sites, by availing of our DROP OFF/PICK UP or CAR HIRE services. It’s the most convenient, safest and worry-free way to get around; as our friendly drivers will surely take care of you. CAR HIRE Php4,880 ~ ; PICK UP/ DROP OFF @Airport Php2,074 ~

All the prices above are inclusive of government tax (VAT) and service charge.


Sea Kayak / Standup paddle board / Table Tennis / Billiard / Darts / Board game

Green Exercise; Nature nurtures you. Take in sea breeze. feel the sunlight through green leaves. Just walk in the pathway adorned in ample plants and trees, and get refreshed & rejuvenated.

Rain is a blessing from nature; can you hear its whisper ‘Take a good rest; take care of yourself’? So while raining, it will be a great chance for immaculate recreation when you do nothing without any daily thing bothering you. Don’t worry about what to do. Let go of anxiety. Breathe deeply, relax, savor with your five senses the sound & smell of rain, wet plants and flowers.

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