Undina Spa

"It drifts away the mind in neutral light." Undina Spa (Undena) that means "Fairy of water" in Latin offers healing that Mother Nature can offer where the beauty of life is carried through the sea and the wind with "Water" as its theme.

"The warmth of hands in its tender embrace to human race." The work of the Filipino's utmost "Hospitality", frees the body naturally, and spends lush time that remains in the mind.

"A place where everyone has a space." Standing along the beach is a Spa of enchantment equipped with private pool, water cottages, steam saunas, and jacuzzi buses. An open reception and waiting room carrying the sound of invitation where relaxation is echoed as the sea waves roars. Relieve the body to the glittering of the wave and the whisper of the wind in water spa "Lutaw" (Lutao), and enjoy the comfort of mind in a special jacuzzi nested in private Villa "Sapa" (Sapa) where one's spirit grows as the river flows.

Detailed menu that will adjust the constituent of each guest. Our unique Undina Spa ingredients are made of tropical materials, high quality aroma oil and a variety of natural menu. A perfect space for dreaming, relaxation and rejuvenation. A wonderful spa life all you want!

Flower bath
Natural way
Warm hands

Spa Menu

"LUTAW" Villa

Aroma Oil Massage 60-min. session Php3,660 / single Php6,954 / couple
Aromatherapy helps relieve tension; rejuvenates and detoxifies the body. Its certain scent relaxes the mind and the body.

Others : Naandan Massage, Combination Massage.

Hilot Massage- A Traditional Filipino Massage 1-hr. and 30-min. session  Php4,880 / single Php9,272 / couple
An ancient Filipino art of healing using alternative medicines. This comes with a deep tissue massage that will deliver a relaxing tension of the body. A special touch of warm hands is an essential requirement of hilot. Pulchra Hilot massage enhance with the use of banana strips and native virgin coconut oil that will give a complete relaxation.

Others : Ayurveda Massage "Abiyanga", Hampol Herbal Healer.

Masahe Plus+ 2-hr. session Php5,856 / single Php11,126.4 / couple
A choice of full body massage with Head and Foot massage. Our unique technique combined with nature, fresh air and sounds of waves, will ensure a total relaxation.  

Others : Masahe Lutaw A, Masahe Lutaw B.

CUM Undina 4-hr. session Php11,370.4 / single Php21,603.76 / couple
Gracefully experience the luxury of time and spend half day at Undina spa. The beautiful sound of waves with its refreshing natural air. A special package that gives the benefit of complete relaxation of mind, body and spirit comes with a healthy meal. This special package also draws an inspiration from the origin of Philippine traditions and elements. The warmth of the hands and the wonderful scent of massage oil truly remain in your mind.
First Session
- Foot Bath
- Hilot Massage
- Break and Lunch Time (in Private Lanai)
- Spa special one healthy plate meal
- Pulchra Healthy Drink
Second Session
- Relax Head Massage
- Facial Treatment
- Refreshment and Drink
- Original Undina Massage Oil giveaway

Menu : Balancing, Moisturizing, Anti Aging or Soothing 60-min. session Php3,660 / single Php6,954 / couple
For our facial, we use products by ALGOTHERM. An expert in marine cosmetics, they use the seaweed’s unique composition of bioactive molecules: Vitamins, micronutrients, minerals, proteins, amino acids and essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9), to treat the skin and body.

Above prices are inclusive of government tax and service charge.

“SAPA” Villa

Sapa' Happy Care Package 2-hr. session Php6,832 / single Php12,980.8 / couple
This is one of the most requested combination package. Choices of facial and full body massage and enjoy a relaxing flower Jacuzzi bath. Avail our "sapa" villa with private waterfalls, garden and enjoy a complete relaxation.
Others : 'Sapa' Body Conditioner Package
Ayurveda Healing Package 2-hr. and 30-min session Php7,930 / single Php15,067 / couple
Ayurveda is an Indian healing that exists even 5,000 years ago. The appropriate massage oil that suits your skin type will be used. You can also enjoy our hot oil hair relax after your massage.
- Dosha Check
- Ayurveda Massage "Abiyanga"
- Ayurveda Hot Oil Hair Relax
- Flower Jacuzzi Bath

‘Undina’ Tropical Package 3-hr. session Php10,248 / single Php19,471.2 / couple
Indulge a three hours package menu. The physical channels of mind and body deliver inner serenity and outer beauty. This includes facial, body treatments and full body massage and flower Jacuzzi bath.
- Choice of Body Wrap or Choice of Body Scrub
- Flower Jacuzzi Bath
- Choice of Massage & Foot or Head Massage
- Choice of Facial

Tropical Conditioner 60-min. session Php3,660 / single Php6,954 / couple
The treatment which use natural fresh pineapple, guava, papaya, banana and mango. Infused with proteins, vitamins and minerals found in a tropical fruits. This conditioner provides a healthy and balanced skin suitable for all of type of skin.

Others : Aloe Vera body treatment, Oriental Herbal Wrap,  White Clay w/ Rose essence

Marine Salt Scrub 60-min. session Php4,026 / single Php7,649.4 / couple
This body scrub which is rich in minerals and seaweeds gently removes dead skin cells and cleans off impurities, leaving skin clean, remineralized, soft and regenerated. Delicately fragranced body oil is used after to remineralized your body and protect it from dehydration.

Others : Coco Herbal Scrub, Papaya Purely Scrub

Aroma Aloe Hair Repair 60-min. session Php3,416 / single Php6,490.4 / couple
Stimulating treatment that awakens your senses as it relaxes your mind. Produced a healthy glowing hair which was damaged from sun exposure.

Others : Ayurveda Hot Oil Healing, Essential Shine Oil Extra

Above prices are inclusive of government tax and service charge.

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